Franchisable Opportunities

Your own business with HIND

  • Easy to start

    Because we are focused on the entrepreneurial aspects we have created these franchises to be quick to start and easily adaptable to your own lifestyle.
  • Highly Profitable

    The primary reason people get into business is to earn more money! Thats why we have created a unique support system that sees our franchise owners generating profit 30% faster than comparable franchise opportunities

Why choose a HIND Franchise?

Centralised HUBs

As a global conglomerate, efficiency is paramount to us. This is why we operate our centralised HUBs in each territory, these hubs will manage all back office functions for your new business, these functions include but are not limited to payroll, annual accounts, tax returns, marketing social media and PR.

By keeping these functions with the hub we immediately reduce the operational costs for your business and it also means you and your team can focus on revenue generation and growing your enterprise.

Pro-active Training

As well as our centralised hubs we also operate our "Centre of Excellence" training facilities across each territory. At the Centre of Excellence you will find a range of seminars available, from sales training, networking, staff management and we even have franchise specific seminars to show each franchise owner how to manage their newly earned wealth.

Our training programs are unparalleled in both content and in their measurable ability to deliver and enhance entrepreneurial success.

Internationally networked brands

Because HIND has a vast and widely diverse portfolio of ventures and franchises each individual franchise can expect between 5-10% of their new clients each year to come from other HIND franchises and recommendations.

Our unique HIND Intranet allows each franchise owner to connect directly to not only each other but with over 500 other HIND colleagues across the world.

Global Brands - Local Marketing

With most franchises you are reliant on either the brands national campaigns or brand recognition, most franchises are solely responsible and as such bear the costs associated with any localised advertising.

At HIND however you will find a dedicated marketing team at the centralised HUB. This team will work with you directly to ensure your local campaigns are as clear, succent and impactful as the brands national campaigns. 
Whether you require a bespoke design for your local advertising or a professionally produced video for TV commercials/online advertisments, our videographers, graphic designers and marketing specialists are at your disposal to ensure your continued success.

Digitalisation and Modernity

Most franchise owners and business owners a like agree that the burden of paperwork placed on them is not in line with the modern era we operate in.

A HIND Franchise owner is able to operate their business in a modern and efficient manner. Our bespoke HIND Intranet allows you to do 98% of the administrative task online, easily and pain free.

Revenue Sharing Assistance

At one time or another a business may experience a bottle neck with workload. Any delays caused by these bottlenecks can be frustrating and damaging to your business' reputation. HIND's unique RSA system allows you to confidentially outsource some of your workload to either your brands HQ or another franchise and in return for a pre-agreed share of the revenues you will be able to better manage your backlog.

The RSA system also allows you to create a network of trust with your HIND colleagues, a network on who you can depend and who can depend on you. This network will not only assist you with your backlog but it may also bolster your business through any lulls in activity.

Franchise Corporate Care

Upon joining us here at HIND you are joining something rather special. We are one of the few companies that allow its franchises and the staff at any franchise to join our corporate benefits schemes. 

Here at HIND we value all our colleagues from our part time staff to our franchise owners themselves. This is why we extend our corporate employees benefits to all our colleagues across the world. 
These benefits include:
  1. Work Pension Schemes
  2. Private Health Care
  3. Private Dentistry
  4. Car Finance packages
  5. Employee Mortgage Schemes

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