Who we are

“We are a group of entrepreneurial ventures combined to enhance and streamline the business processes and create success.”

Our goal is to build an iconic entrepreneurial group, always at the forefront of people’s minds, associated globally with quality and efficiency combined. We aim to deliver the best, we set standards and drive innovation. We value our heritage but continually look to invest in our future.

1 - One Group

We are one group, an extensively networked organisation that aims to bring the best of HIND to our clients at all times. We combine innovation and entrepreneurial flare with professionalism and cost efficiency. We create a flow of talent and ideas.


We Will:

-Aim to deliver more than our clients expect
-Remain agile and adaptable
-Share knowledge and bring fresh insights
-Always act in the interests of the entire group.

“Everyone in our group must accept personal responsibility for driving our group forward, demonstrating these values and behaviours, opting out is not acceptable”

2 - Powerhouse

Our clients and people feel and benefit from the energy and power of the group. We have talented enterprising and intellectually curious people who will strive for success.


It is this purpose that enables us to attract develop and excite the best people and inspire confidence in our clients


We Will:

-Remain positive and energise others
-Invest in personal relationships
-Listen with interest and curiosity, encouraging diverse views

-Have a thirst for learning and developing others

3 - Do the right thing

We will deliver exceptional value with integrity confidence and humility. We support one another and our communities. We have the courage to express our views event when they may not be popular.


We Will:

-Put ourselves in our clients shoes
-Never be satisfied with second best
-Treat people the way we would like to be treated.
-Always challenge the unacceptable


-Act with integrity and enhance our reputation/

We want to become the number one entrepreneurial conglomerate worldwide, in terms of both size and reputation.

Our Strategic Objectives

1 – Market Leaders

Our ambition is to support and drive each one of our ventures to become market leaders in their own sectors.

2 - Growth


We want to remain a leading brand in each of our core businesses, by revenues and continued growth. Investing in our future to ensure HIND stays an iconic brand for future generations

3 - Profit


We want to increase our profits, invest in our future and competitively reward our people

4 - Quality


We continually aim to provide our clients with exceptional service and quality, as well as focusing on delivering a future built on these continual improvements.

5 - The HIND Experience


To achieve our goals while remaining ahead of our competition we need to offer our clients and our people a distinctive experience. One that defines the behaviours that support our culture and underpins all of our performance goals.



So we constantly work to embed the HIND experience in everything we do, to make them integral to our culture and who we are.

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